I'm Samantha stovell

I'm a self taught artist, a mother of two active boys, a causal kitchen hand at one job, a casual cleaner/admin at another, a gardener, a baker, a.. Let's just say, a Multipotentialite! I love to learn and the one thing I always come back to is my art. No matter where my mind is, or what it's doing, and as long as I have patience and time, drawing is one of my first choices (along with video games, reading mental health/eco-feminism books or playing with play-dough with my boys).

I created Simply By Sammy in 2016 as a Facebook Page to display my Artworks and cakes (I'm no longer making cakes) because I wanted to be an artist, but with two kids under 2, it was seeming impossible. I officially registered for an Australian Business Number (ABN) in November 2019.

Although I've done a lot more drawings than those available on here, these are the ones I love to stare at even months later, and that's a rare thing for an artist. So I hope, you will all love them just as much as me!